We're a full service IT team; equipped and motivated to make your data, network and systems work for you.

Our goal is to help small to mid-sized businesses get the most from their computer, telephone and Internet technology. We take a hands-on approach to keeping your systems stable and secure by providing quick, friendly and professional service at the customer location. Our goal is to understand your business needs and implement best practice solutions to improve your bottom line. We do this by listening to our customers.

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    Our foundation is your reliability. Enabling you to build on a stable and reliable platform.
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    Our goal is to connect, physically and conceptually. We do this by being present as your business adapts and changes.
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    We're in constant discovery. In an era when groundbreaking systems appear at 0-day intervals, we're on the hunt.
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    Whether it be one host or hundreds, we use industry leading components to orchestrate harmony to it all.
Yet another sensational product of the eighties.

Just a mere month after Josh climbed into the attic and demanded 20$ to run a phone wire for BBS in Jon's room, the wiring expert and his 8 year old accomplice decided to spend the summer teaching the neighbors how to use Microsoft Windows for small hourly rate. A relationship ignited by a simple eagerness to learn blazed a passion for technology that continued to thrive through grade/middle/high school and University.

*Don't worry! We do not spam.

Abolishing BSODs comes with quite an appetite. Here are some entertaining but otherwise, frankly, useless facts about our goings-on.
  • milestones_image_01 11

    coffee cups per day does not include the gallons of iced tea and nuclear hazardous energy drinks consumed

  • milestones_image_02 14

    GB/mo of mobile data for work of course (but who can resist the occasional fail video now and again... and again...)

  • milestones_image_03 73

    miles driven per day between visits to clients (to see what new great things they've done), our team compares MPG.

  • milestones_image_04 09

    cell pics a day As we interact, we use photos to communicate critical areas and symptoms of issues.

  • milestones_image_05 61

    emails per hour Our ticketing system reports that there are approximately 61 email interactions per hour.

  • milestones_image_06 02

    hours of downtempo as the team focuses on critical maintenance.

Between our offices in Missouri and Texas, we're always wondering what's going on around us. It's exciting to learn of how we might find new applications of technology to make other people's lives even easier. Always eager to answer questions and help, we promise to hold back the nerdy jokes (at least until the second conversation).


Yes, we have email. So? You've managed to make it this far... might as well drop us a line! And don't worry, we hate spam just as much as you do.

Serving St Louis since 1992 and Austin since 2006.

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